The ‘loaf’ behind Tillamook Cheese

It’s safe to say that most people residing in the Pacific NW have heard of Tillamook Cheese. Not only have they heard of it, but also probably swear by it.

PR Presentation at Tillamook Cheese[Megan Russell, Anna Reinhard, Tillie the Cow, Carly Fortunato, and myself]

When deciding on a food company to do a social media audit and conversation analysis for as a class project, my team and I looked no further than Tillamook Cheese. Being a Tillamook girl, born and raised, I had no objections. The girls and I delved into Tillamook’s social media efforts, along with those of its top three competitors: Cabot Cheese, Yoplait and Ben & Jerry’s.

Two months later, Tillamook’s senior director of marketing, John Russell, invited me and my team to Tillamook’s marketing office in Tigard, Ore., to present our audit and analysis. Without hesitation, the girls and I pulled ourselves together and made the trip from Eugene.

Upon arrival, John and his lively team greeted us. Stepping into the office, it was apparent that we were in Tillamook territory. Furniture of blue and orange, the Tillamook brand colors, decorated the office and images of Tillamook’s new packaging lined the walls. After a full tour, we made our way into the conference room, where we were joined by the full Tillamook staff. As we began our presentation, each of the Tillamook employees listened eagerly. This was when we knew that our input was highly regarded. After a delicious lunch put on by the Tillamook team, we finished our presentation and thoughtfully answered every question. Our Q&A shortly turned into a brainstorm session, where our strategic thoughts on expansion were valued.

the Tillamook Cheese cookbook

As our day came to a close, we were each gifted the Tillamook Cheese cookbook, a Tillamook cheese slicer and a coupon for free cheese! What a thoughtful team! I think I can speak on behalf of my team that we were impressed. It was an amazing experience, and it felt great to know that our work was appreciated. I’m glad that our assignment not only was used as a portfolio piece but also was usefully put towards the client.

To view our Tillamook Cheese social media audit and conversation analysis, click here.

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