Five easy tips for creating an infographic

I created the infographic below on the benefits of red wine using Piktochart. This infographic is not only appealing to look at but also full of great information.

Benefits of Red Wine Inforgraphic

1. Find a relevant theme
When choosing a theme, think about what your infographic is about and how you want it to be portrayed.

2. Take advantage of the provided clip art
Free clip art can be hard to come by. If the program you’re using has provided images, use them. Plus, chances are that they will be much better quality than the images you’ll find in a Google search.

3. Play with fonts
This was my favorite part. Don’t be afraid to mix things up, but be sure to stick to 2-3 fonts.

4. Do your research
If you do your research, you’ll have some great statistical data. Stats look great on infographics. Don’t forget to cite your sources!

5. Have fun
If you have fun making your infographic, people viewing it will be able to tell. Let loose and tap in to your creative side.

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